Holiday Envy
October 13, 2014 by Michelle Livermore

When I think about the holidays I am often very envious of the designers who get to work on holiday projects. Beginning with Halloween my house is a virtual design explosion, as my family is obsessed with holiday decorating and we are always on the hunt for better ways to highlight the holidays. I am jealous of those designers whose year-long job is to promote love, laughter and happiness through their seasonal creations. Whether it is yard inflatables or Christmas cards, I want to design... More »

Managing Expectations in a Fast-paced, Creative World
April 12, 2010 by Michelle Livermore

In a world that is increasingly living by sound bites, how do we manage the expectations of our clients and still hold true to the process of design? I pursued a career design for the love of the creative process, which included making decisions about what was a strong visual statement that communicated what the client wanted. We did it with markers and paper, a thousand little thumbnail sketches, paste up and comping. We spent many hours tweaking and moving pieces around to finish a... More »