Rapper Reps Southwest Airlines; PR Goes Viral

The plethora of media coverage Southwest Airlines recently received for their “Rapping Flight Attendant” has reminded me once again how important visual and viral communications can be in building image of a company. With newscasts and papers constantly filled with doom and gloom about the downturned economy, media are hungry for lighthearted stories about companies and their employees. Southwest Airlines is known for great customer service and encouraging its employees to use personality in all they do. A flight attendant’s safety precautions rap went viral when a passenger recorded it on a cell phone and posted it to YouTube. The clip received thousands of hits and the story was soon picked up by major media, including The Wall Street Journal and CNN.

The lesson: look for ways of telling your story visually, driving views with the social media and sparking broader media interest. Here’s the link to the clip of Dave, Enjoy!

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One Response to “Rapper Reps Southwest Airlines; PR Goes Viral”

  1. coffee maker says:

    Southwest should give this flight attendant a raise for giving them such a huge advertisement boost